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Waterblaster - Couplings & Fittings

Our collection of Couplings and Fittings. These involve: Quick Connect (QC) Fittings, the female side can be called the socket and the male, the plug, Swivel fittings, It works by allowing swivel (spinning) of the hose without you having to twist the spray gun and extension wand in big circles. You can just walk it out and the gun swivel twists out the hose kinks as you walk also standard screw style.

The materials can be Brass which is Strong and Corrosion resistant and stainless steel for chemical resistance. 

Male (M) vs. female (F) connections. The male side has a pin or plug that is inserted in the female socket or hole. The female fittings receives and holds the male connector in place.

Be wary of NPT vs. BPT/BSP pipe thread standards
NPT = National Pipe Thread. U.S. technical standard for screw threads.
BSP = British Standard Pipe. British technical standard for screw threads. They are not compatible!

The main sizes to know are M22 Threads, 3/8″ Threads and Quick Connects. M22 threads are common on pumps, hoses and spray guns. The outer diameter is 22mm, the inner diameter is 14mm and the inner plug on the female M22 side is 14mm. The female side has the o-ring to prevent leaking. PLEASE NOTE, IT CAN BE 15mm but usually on electric pressure washers, double check!! 3/8″ BSP Thread size, major diameter of a 3/8″ BSP thread is around 16.66mm. Quick connects are usually 3/8" or 1/4".