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Master Hybrid Diesel Radiant Heater - 17Kw

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World First Cordless Li-Ion Diesel Radiant HeaterInfrared oil fired heaters – hybrid

Infrared oil heaters deliver heat fast and exactly to the place where it is required without any air movement. They are suitable for dust-free drying walls or paints, defrosting machinery or pipelines, heating the working areas. The DC 61 is hybrid so can be electric or battery operated.


  • 14V Cordless Li-Ion Battery & 240V Operated
  • Overheat thermostat & Anti-tilt switch
  • ILME socket for remote thermostat: analogue or digital
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design and easy-lift handle for portability
  • Made in Italy with 3 Year Warranty
  • Super quiet performance
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Master Hybrid Diesel Radiant Heater - 17Kw

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